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Cover Letter

A cover letter is a short introduction to your application, highlighting the contents of your submitted application. This can be the body of the application email, unless there is an alternate format that has been specifically asked for.

Motivational Letter

A motivation letter is also known as a letter of intent,  it details your reasons for applying for a particular opportunity and what you expect to gain from it. Try to make this document as specific to that opportunity and the organisation that is behind it. In case you aren’t submitting an artist statement, take this letter as an opportunity to share more about your artistic practice and your interests as an artist.

There is very little difference between a covering letter and a motivation letter and you only submit one of the two with your application. If the application already asks for an artist statement, project proposal etc then you may only give a covering letter but if the application only asks for your portfolio and CV, it is a good idea to share a motivation letter.

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