A democratic peer-support movement for visual artists in India working with all media.

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Art Chain India would like to thank everyone who has made this platform possible and dedicated time to support art practitioners across India. Art Chain India is always open to suggestions, feedback and welcomes all creative professionals to participate in the various programs that we offer today and hope to introduce in the future.

Art Chain India was co-founded by artists Ayesha Singh and Purvai Rai, born out of multiple conversations that took place between practitioners working within the visual arts in India. Along with acknowledging and thanking people who were a part of the conversations that brought it to life, we would also like to thank the @artistsupportpledge started by artist Matthew Burrows in the UK, a format which Art Chain India builds on. We look forward to working with many more practitioners in India and worldwide.

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Ayesha Singh (Artist), Pranati Kapur (Arts Manager), Radha Mahendru (Independent Curator), Seetharam Vallabhaneni (Architectural/Web Designer), Veeranganakumari Solanki (Independent Curator and Art Writer)


Anahita Taneja (Gallerist), Amit Chauhan (Art and Photography Manager), Arjan Dugal (Fashion Designer), Ashok Kamti (Gallery Assistant), Aviva Baig (Photographer and Visual Artist), Ayesha Framji (Photographer), Falak Vasa (Artist and Educator), Farah Mulla (Researcher and Artist), Geetika Singh Jamwal (Exhibitions Manager), Natasha Jeyasingh (Art and Design Consultant), Purvai Rai (Artist and Entrepreneur), Sagarika Bhatia (Graphic Designer) , Sanjana Jain (Arts Manager), Sitara Chowfla (Curator and Writer), Shobhit Chaudhry (IP & Technology Lawyer and Reiki Master Teacher), Subhash Bhatoria (Art Law & Intellectual Property Lawyer), Tania Grewal (Photographer), Vanshita Jain (Artist), Vatsala Sethi (Artist)


Chandan Gomes (Artist), Hena Kapadia (Gallery Founder and Director), Falak Vasa (Artist and Educator), Premjish Achari (Curator and Art Critic), Priyanshi Saxena (Art Advisor), Radha Mahendru (Indepent Curator), Rahul Kumar (Artist), Samira Bose (Programmes Coordinator), Sanket Jadia (Artist and Educator), Sitara Chowfla (Art Consultant), Veeranganakumari Solanki (Independent Curator and Art Writer),  Abhinay Khoparzi (Creative Technologist, Musician, Video Producer, Artist), Achia Anzi (Visual artist, Art teacher, and Researcher), Anup Varkey (Artist), Anushka Rajendran (Curator), Anshika Varma (Photographer and Curator), Arika Ahldag (Associate curator), Chinar Shah (Artist, Photographer and Curator), Farah Mulla (Creative researcher in sound studies and Multimedia Artist), Faiza Hasan (Visual arts practitioner), Indu Antony (Artist), Keshav Mahendru (Art advisor and Business connsultant), Omer Wasim (Intermedial artist), Renuka Rajiv (Artist), Ruchika Negi (Filmmaker and Educator), Sameer Kulavoor (Artist), Srinivas Aditya Mopidev (Curator), Sumona Chakravart (Deputy Museum Director), Sumitra Sunder
(Independent Curator and Art Historian), Shuchi Kapoor (Documentary Photographer), Tanvi Mishra (Writer, Photo Editor), Zeenat Nagre (Independent Writer and Curator), Bhagwati Prasad (Artist), Faiza Hasan (Artist),  Prabhakar Pachpute (Artist), Arushi Vats (Researcher and Writer), Hena Kapadia (Gallery Director), Eve Lemesle (Arts Management), Noopur Desai (Researcher and Bilingual Writer), Dayanita Singh (Offset Artist), Sohrab Hura (Photographer)


Adwait Singh (Curator and Writer), Anushka Rajendran (Curator), Divya M Prabhu (Strategic Consultant), Keshav Mahendru (Entrepreneur), Martand Khosla (Architect and Artist), Meenakshi Thirukode (Political Thinker, Curator), Premjish Achari (Curator and Writer), Priyanshi Saxena (Art Advisor), Shaleen Wadhwana (Independent Arts Educator), Swatee Deepak (Social Justice and Philanthropy Consultant), Tarini Manchanda (Creative Entrepreneur), Thukral and Tagra (Artists), Vibha Galhotra (Interdisciplinary Artist)