A democratic peer-support movement for visual artists in India working with all media.

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Step 1

Post an image of the work you would like to sell either on facebook or instagram, tag @ArtChainIndia on the post, with the caption that starts with a 🔗emoji followed by details of the work, including how a buyer can reach you. Here is an example:




Dimensions (in cm or inches):

Price (in INR):


Please DM me or send me an email at (insert your email address) if you are interested to purchase this work.

This work is part of #artchainindia

I will share work made by me priced at INR 10,000 or under. Everytime I reach INR 50,000 I will use INR 10,000 to buy the work of another artist under the #artchainindia hashtag and support a fellow artist.

Step 2

Check your email or Direct Messages(DM’s), if you have multiple enquiries, send the confirmation of sale in order of first-come first-serve basis. Tell them in the email that the work will be on hold only for 1 day, if payment is not made within that time it will go to the next interested party.

Find out where the work needs to be sent to and the courier charges, let the buyer know what the courier charges will be. This will be added to the price of the work. Once they approve, send them your bank details or google pay information for them to transfer the money for purchasing the work.

If a work is sold and you have multiple inquiries, use those inquiries to pledge another work that is available - they might be interested in buying it!

Step 3

Once money is received from the buyer, pack and send/courier the work to the buyer.

Make sure to change the caption to include the word “SOLD” so that when buyers are looking for a work on #ArtChainIndia, they can tell what is still available.

Let the buyer know once the work is on the way and any courier details that could help them track the package.

Step 4

Once you have earned upto INR 50,000, use INR 10,000 to buy another artist’s work, continuing the chain of support. This is based on trust and generosity.

You can also post about their work on your page and tag the artist on it with. Share the love!